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Welcome to Thats Amore Productions and 1St Class Entertainment DJ Music and Entertainment in Montreal serving Ottawa and Toronto as well. If you have a special event coming up, weather it may be wedding , corporate party , graduation party, reunion, charity event, fundraiser, anniversary , gala, Christmas party, new years eve, company holiday or appreciation party, weather you are planning an event for 40 or 1000 people, we offer a variety of services that will make your event memorable and above all unforgettable!

We have the versatility to meet your specific needs, let us know what kind of atmosphere you would like  fun, elegant, energized or low key. Our enthusiastic Dj’s personalities along with our attention to detail and ability to adjust to any occasion will truly make your event memorable for you and your guests. We strive on going beyond your expectations to work with you in helping make your special event absolutely perfect, flawless! Since 1995 our reputation in the industry has been for being reliable, knowledgeable, and flexible. Your ideas and suggestions are very important to us, therefore we make every effort to personalize our services to you and your guests and most of all, and the ability to carefully listen to every specific customer need is priority!

Please take a few moments to learn more about our company by viewing our website. (Click) Arrangements can be made at any time to schedule a free consultation at our office to discuss your celebration needs.



You will probably agree that music and entertainment is probably the 2nd most important service right after the food, the selection of your entertainment company is extremely important because it can either make or break your event. Our DJ’s do more than show up and press play, our role extends much more than that, we are constantly  looking for ways to improve what we do taking great pride in making your event unforgettable, it is important that we reflect our professionalism in public so that all the other guests present that could be potential customers may also consider our services for their upcoming events, so simply said it’s in our interest to do a great job because a great part of our business comes from referrals of guests that have witnessed our work . Our intent is to impress and create an atmosphere that leaves your guests with a lasting unforgettable impression.



Every cerebration has its own uniqueness, and we believe that it should be the cornerstone of planning your event, you have many choices and decisions to make in the planning, this is especially true if you have never hired a DJ (Disc jockey) services before. Whatever your ideas and long time dreams may be, we are excited to work with you in making them a reality, your event will shine through and impress your friends and family by making it all about your wants and don’t wants, our professional Master of Ceremony and DJ’s services are always accompanied with quality sound and quality service. Since our Dj’s are event planners as well,  if you wish we can take care of your event coordination and other behind the scenes details to ensure a smooth and wonderful experience! We also have lighting systems concepts, and video from 50 inch flat screen TV’s to large projection screens. We may also provide lighting and decor to give your venue that extra wow factor.


Our on-line intelligent planner you will give you all the right tools to customise your event to your specific needs and wants, you also have the option of providing a "Must Play", "Play if Possible", and even "Do Not Play" song lists. Whether you love or do not like a specific style of music or are simply tired of the same old same old, once completed the on-line schedule of the evening automatically creates a time-line sequence of events such as pertinent information relating to wedding party names, bridal party entrance, dance with parents, special guests announcements, activities, timeline or itinerary of events. Making sure there is less confusion and more organization actually paves the way for a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Once completed all planning forms and timelines are then discussed with you and other vendors who play a key role in the success of your evening. That means your venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, decorator etc, will all be on the same page, for example your photographer and/or videographer will know always know ahead of time where they need to be and when to capture your very special moments, another way we provide you with "peace of mind."



Your wedding day is very special and unique to you, it is one of the most important days of your lives, and every couple has a vision in their mind to how they want the wedding celebration to be! By working with us we can help you realize your vision.
Music and entertainment is obviously a very important part of your wedding. It is a strong instrument of human emotion! Music sets the mood and lighting sets the atmosphere of your wedding! We can provide music and animation; interact with the crowd to keep everyone entertained. During the wedding reception there are many events happening sometimes a few at the same time, our clients always feel throughout the evening that everything is taken care of, please feel free to contact us we will answer any questions you may have. We coordinate your event from the moment you walk through those doors to the very last dance. The burden of success for your event plays largely on the entertainment company you hire for your special day so therefore spending that little extra to get peace of mind is worth it!



The City of Montreal is a very vibrant diverse multicultural multilingual society, since 1995 Thats Amore Productions has been a true leader in the wedding industry involving mixed culture events, included are a few languages we specialise.

English - French - Italian - Greek - Spanish - Portuguese - Arabic - Polish - Armenian - Jewish - Russian - Indian - Vietnamese - Chinese - Cambodian - Filipino - Haitian - Brazilian - African - Romanian - Persian - Croatian - Hungarian - Irish and more




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Tel: 514-222-1622

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