About Us

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. Whether you are planning a Wedding, Anniversary, Company Party, Golf Tournament, Fundraiser, Theme Party, Gala, New year's eve party or any other event, you have the opportunity to deal with an entertainment planning company that takes your interests at heart. The following is everything we are about and what we represent.

Music and Entertainment is one of the most important key elements to a successful event. Since 1995, Thats Amore Productions has been providing high quality music and entertainment services. We provide professional and experienced DJs and Animators who specialize in multilingual weddings and international music selection of all categories. Our DJs and Animators will make sure you and your guests enjoy an unforgettable worry-free party with outstanding animation and tailored musical selection.

Our goal is to make your entertainment search is an easy process and also a learning experience so that you can make the right decision based your specific needs. It is in our best interest to ensure your event is a memorable success, as it deserves to be!

Our style is very entertaining yet tasteful. We will never embarrass nor put anybody on the spot. We always make sure everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, have a superb time. We don’t do anything tacky or cheesy, and most importantly we will always advise you ahead of time of everything we do. We ensure equipment installations and sound tests are done in time well before your guests arrive.

Thats Amore Productions understands that music selection is key for setting the mood at every stage of your event, from the cocktails, to the meal, to later the dancing and entertainment. Acknowledging as well that every client has a specific taste in music and level of DJ interaction, we provide a professional appearance, always elegantly dressed, providing exceptional digital sound and a focused attention to detail. Our DJs are equipped with a music databank that includes selections from every era,  spanning from the 1950s to present top 40’s, providing you with the optimal music to suit your special occasion.

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